Monday, September 9, 2013

Something Curious in the Poros.

Long ago in the land of Mordor, in the fires of Mount Doom, when all thought the power of the ring had ended, and when Gollom had bitten off Frodos finger and was pushed into the fire, and the ring had fallen down with him, all of the people of Middle Earth were about to find out just how wrong they were. When Gollom bit off Frodo's finger no one noticed as a rat came out of hiding and snatched up Frodo's finger and took it back to its home on the river Gurthrant which comes from the Sea of Nurnen. This rat was disgusted with his meal so he pushed it into the river which tuns in to the river Poros. As the finger floated down the river Poros, it was about to go  under the Crossings of Poros. An elf (thinking it was it fish) shot at it, missing it by a centimeter. But, by doing so, the arrow's force pushed the finger up onto the shore. The elf wanted to know what it was so he crossed the bridge and walked slowly toward the finger - which by now had turned gross due to the claws and slobber of the rat and the muck and filth of the river Gurthrant (as you can see in the photo). The elf picked it up and felt a surge of power unlike anything he had ever felt before. The elf did not know, but this finger was used and still had remnants of the Ring of Power. And as some of you might know, Elves are already powerful. So, even the remnant of the Ring of Power in the hands of an elf can be a dangerous thing....

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